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Copper earns two “Trick Dog” titles

A few days ago, four weeks after her adoption, I realized that Copper knew nearly enough “stuff” to earn both her Novice and Intermediate Trick Dog titles from DMWYD. These titles are going to be recognized by AKC starting in May, so I thought it would be fun to apply for them. My mom witnessed them live, and I also filmed them to make the videos below.

Novice and Intermediate are pretty basic, but I’m still impressed with this little girl.

Her first few weeks here, she mainly wandered around ignoring me and trying to 1) chew everything in the house, from electrical cords to clothing being worn at the moment; 2) escape under my fence, 3) dig in the mud, and 4) get my dogs to play with her. I was so busy interrupting her “bad girl” activities, housetraining her (and also dealing with a several-times-a-day incontinent senior dog) that we had only a few minutes a week of “formal” training sessions. I didn’t realize Copper managed to pick up all these behaviors along the way.

She liked chewing on toys, but wouldn’t tug or fetch or show interest in human-dog toy play either. I made my top priority getting her interested in playing toy games with me, and she was able to use “tug” and “fetch to hand” as two of her title tricks.

Novice Trick Dog:

Intermediate Trick Dog:

Good girl, Copper!

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