Clover (Congo African Gray parrot)

Sharon had Clover the African Gray parrot (2007-) during her five years in Istanbul. During that time, Clover did numerous school performances and played a bit part on Sharon’s semi-finals performance on “Turkey’s Got Talent,” along with Border Collie, Savvy.

Clover also won the Kaytee International Best Talking Parrot competition during that time. Her video submission for that contest now has 9.5 million views as of 2021!

Clover on the set of long-running Turkish sitcom, Akasya Duragi (Acacia Station), with Turkish film star and director, Zeki Alasya

Clover demonstrating lots of cool parrot tricks:

When Sharon moved back to America in 2012, the presence of bird flu in Turkey meant Clover would not be allowed to enter the U.S. So Clover moved in with Sharon’s friends who also had a female African Grey and were looking to add to their family. They have done a wonderful job integrating Clover into the household and treat her like the queen she is.