Piper (Parson Russell Terrier dog)

Parson Russell Terrier, Piper (1995-2009), earned more titles in mores sports than any dog of his breed in the world at that time, and did demos for thousands of people. He was the #1 PRT in the USA for conformation and weight pull, #2 for obedience, and was in the top ten for agility. He also did natural hunting, carting, earthdog and terrier racing, among others. He appeared on local and national TV numerous times and has also been featured in dozens of Hallmark cards and holiday ornaments, with new ones still coming out are recently as 2021!

In 1997, Piper was one of only nine winners nationwide (all breeds) of the UKC’s highest honor, the “Total Dog Award.” At the UKC’s Centennial Show, the biggest UKC show in history, Piper won 1st in the Terrier Group, the largest conformation group.  He and Sharon both appeared in Purina dog food ads that ran in Time and Newsweek magazines, among many others.

1997Piper Purina

When Piper was 12 1/2, Sharon moved to Istanbul where her then-husband worked. Knowing veterinary care there was sub-par for a senior dog, Piper was rehomed with a young couple in the U.S. who made Piper’s last two years amazing and took him to work with them every day.

To learn more about this amazing little dog, check out his 14th birthday video:

2000-01 Piper (11)
Piper in England, training to be the first small dog to ever pass the Working Trials (police dog) test. He did it!