Dash (Papillon dog)

5Dash (b. 2/17/11) is a friendly, enthusiastic papillon from a litter of high-achieving conformation and sports competition dogs. Dash’s repertoire of circus tricks includes handstands, barrel rolling, basketball, skateboarding, tightrope walking, spinning circles in increasingly smaller bowls, and backwards leg weaves, among many others. Besides being a talented stage performer, Dash has earned 27 titles in 4 sports, including advanced titles in trick performance, agility, rally, and obedience. His official name is:

TDCH TopFlite Dash 4 Cash UD, CGC, BN, GN, GO, RE, MXB, MXJ, T2B, SSA, AD, TKP

Dash performed his first trick show at the age of 9 months to a crowd of 600 in Istanbul, Turkey. By 13 months of age, Dash had earned his Trick Dog Championship, demonstrating over 50 tricks in a variety of required categories.

In addition to his circus career, Dash is an elite level agility competitor who was one of the fastest papillons in the USA in both 2015 & 2016. His sporty haircut allows him to perform tricks and run at high speeds without being impeded by wind resistance. (Just kidding!)

Photo gallery:

Jumping twice his own height
3 (2)
Tug toy anticipation…
Only pretending!
After a hard day of circus tricks, Dash likes to kick back and herd him some sheep… Not really–Dash has zero interest in sheep. To get this photo, I pretended to throw a frisbee to the far side of the sheep!