Kevin Page

Kevin is Sharon’s husband and beloved “daddy” to the household pets. He is a stellar assistant whose many jobs include general dog care and exercise, carrying and assembling props, lugging the dogs and their suitcases between distant airport terminals, taking photos and video of our performances, and working as the sound man at larger performances.

Kevin provided invaluable assistance to the ring crew and performers at the 2017 and 2018 AKC National Championships. He was even invited to serve as an impromptu actor  in several of the 2018 Trick Dog Elite Performer routines!

In spring 2021, Kevin started competing in agility trials for the first time, and has so far qualified 6 of 6 tries, all with 1st places! He has also competed successfully in Barn Hunt (a scent competition–no animals are harmed).

Sharon and the dogs really appreciate all of Kevin’s behind-the-scenes work!