Savvy (Border Collie dog)

Savvy (2002-2017) was a Border Collie who earned an amazing 42 titles and versatility awards in 8 sports over his lifetime, including the Trick Dog Champion title. He was forced into temporary retirement in his prime competition years (ages 5-10 years) due to moving abroad. After  many years as a “pet in a high rise,” he moved back to the U.S. and came out of retirement at the age of 11 to earn his Utility Dog obedience title (the most advanced AKC level) with all first places.

At the age of 13, Savvy qualified for the AKC Rally Obedience National Championships, and at the age of 14 years and 2 months, he performed in his final trick show, still able to do all of his tricks, including hind-leg walking and figure 8’s around Sharon’s legs at a gallop. At the age of 15 1/2, Savvy passed away after a five-year battle with Cushing’s disease (caused by a pituitary glad tumor).

Savvy’s official name is:

TDCH, VX, CHX, U-CD, U-AgII, Ch. RiverRun’s Satellite VCD-2, HSAs, HIAs, HXAs, HRDI/II/IIIs, HTDIs, HTDIId, UD, AX, OAJ, RE, BH, TD, CGC, TKP

Savvy was a semi-finalist on Season 1 of Turkey’s Got Talent, and later appeared as a guest on a popular Turkish sitcom.

The producer immediately offered him a permanent place on the cast, with a full episode written to introduce him, but Sharon already had plans to move back to America. However, Savvy did have the chance to star in an ad for Pedigree dog foods in Europe.

Savvy on the set of ANIMA-Istanbul animation studio. Savvy was filmed for two days doing custom tricks; afterwards, they animated his mouth for a European Pedigree commercial
At the age of 8, Savvy placing second (by 1 point!) in both advanced freestyle and advanced toss-and-fetch at the inaugural Istanbul Open Disc Dog Championship. Six weeks before this, he had never caught a plastic frisbee in his life.