2018 Highlights

Accepted an invitation to judge the first-ever AKC Trick Dog competition at the AKC National Championships in Orlando in Dec. 2018. This is the largest dog show in the Americas. Performing for our record library audience of over 600 people in a single day. The morning show alone had 384 in attendance! It was also… Continue reading 2018 Highlights

2017 Highlights

Highlights of 2017 included: Performing at the American Kennel Club (AKC) National Championship in Orlando, FL (with some of our act featured on Animal Planet’s 3-hour special on New Year’s Day 2018) Performing at the Eukanuba Performance Games in Wilmington, OH Performing on stage for 2,200 at the Overture Center in Madison, WI Performing for… Continue reading 2017 Highlights

Copper’s rescue story

I put together a timeline for Copper’s discovery and adoption. To do this, I talked to people at the local rescue, the shelter she was pulled from in KY, and an apt. near where she was found in KY, which gave me contact info that enabled me to speak at length with the kindly home-owner… Continue reading Copper’s rescue story

Dash wows the crowds at Madison’ Overture Center [VIDEO]

Last Saturday, Feb. 18 2017, Dash performed as one of the opening acts for the silent film series at Madison’s $200 million Overture Center. This film series, called “Duck Soup,” has been running for about forty years and features three films a year with live organ accompaniment on their 1928 Barton pipe organ. Sometimes, they… Continue reading Dash wows the crowds at Madison’ Overture Center [VIDEO]

Dash ends 2016 as #8 fastest Papillon in his AKC jump height

Just 9 months after Dash’s hip dislocation and 5 months after my knee replacement, we resumed agility in late October, 2016. We had not done a single competition in about a year. We qualified that day in both runs with 3rd places, for Dash’s #12 double-qualifier (QQ) toward his Master Agility Championship (MACH) title. After… Continue reading Dash ends 2016 as #8 fastest Papillon in his AKC jump height

Our new business cards

Today we had a fun lunchtime visit from a McFarland Thistle newspaper about Dash’s career as a library performer. She’s also going to come take some pictures of his  performance at the E.D. Locke Public Library next week. Just before she came, our new batch of business cards arrived. And after work today, we braved… Continue reading Our new business cards

The greatest dog trick trainer you have never heard of: Ray Nicholus & his dog, Jackie

I’m a fan of dog trick videos from the past and present and have watched over a thousand of them, including many vintage clips from the early 1900s. I always get teary to see footage of vintage dogs doing amazing tricks where neither dog nor trainer is credited–now totally lost to history. I’m going to… Continue reading The greatest dog trick trainer you have never heard of: Ray Nicholus & his dog, Jackie

Introducing Dash’s new skit, “Circus Story” [VIDEO]

On Dec. 2nd, Dash performed his second year-end show with Dead Man’s Carnival, the largest variety show in the Midwest. I decided to debut the skit we’re preparing for our Feb. 18, 2017 performance at Overture Center (Madison), even though I didn’t quite know how long each section would take and hadn’t finished editing the… Continue reading Introducing Dash’s new skit, “Circus Story” [VIDEO]


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