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78919686_10158058801742941_567939554368028672_oDash and Copper may be “snack sized” dogs, but they have the circus trick skills of ten full-sized dogs! These talented tykes and their handler, Sharon Page, have performed nationally and internationally and even appeared on Animal Planet, but mainly stick close to the Madison, WI area. 


Dec 3, 2019 – The American Kennel Club names Dash #2 performing dog in the USA & Canada! The AKC National Trick Dog Competition was by invitation only, and required the dog to perform a skit in a single uncut take. Dash tied for second place. See Dash’s entry

Jan 8, 2020 – Copper earns her Trick Dog Champion title! Now Dash and Copper are among fewer than 150 dogs in the world to have the highest trick title in both titling organizations. See Copper do 37 tricks in 9 required categories. (Counting earlier levels, a dog has to master 62 tricks to earn the TDCH!)


Copper & Dash would love to entertain and amaze your group of any size or age. Check out our video to see just a bit of what Dash & Copper can do:

Sharon PageFor library and school performances, we generally stay within 60 minutes of Madison, WI.

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