Stream “ABC CIRCUS” at your library and families will thank you!

Prior to retiring from live shows last month, international performers Sharon Page and dogs Dash & Copper built a huge following at central Wisconsin libraries, bringing in record Summer Reading Program crowds. At the same time, the dogs had also become famous for their videos, winning national awards in 2019 and 2020 for their memorable skits. Their YouTube channel boasts over 10 MILLION views and 13,000 subscribers! 

Unfortunately, with Dash recently turning 10, our vet said it was time to retire from live performances. Luckily, we had already prepared a pandemic-friendly alternative for 2021!

Representing over four months of work, our streamable 48-minute video, “ABC CIRCUS” features 14 funny, action-packed segments and 80 tricks by Dash, Copper, and Casper, our rescued cat who performed on the “Got Talent” TV show. This is NOT yawn-inducing  Zoom performance but a slick Saturday-morning-TV style show that will enthrall kids and adults of all ages! 

  • Streaming options start at just $49 for two weeks if you reserve by April 30th. If you don’t love the video, you pay nothing!
  • Already have live performers lined up for 2021? Stream this video ahead of the Summer Reading Program as an incentive to sign up!
  • Planning a live or virtual watch party? Add a Zoom Q&A with Sharon and the pets for just $20
  • Printable order form right under the video trailer

Reserve Your Dates NOW!

Click the button below to download the video rental form (PDF). Specify the date you want to start and how many weeks you want to stream the video. It’s that easy! Questions? Email me at the address below.

Sharon Page