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Dash and Copper may be “snack sized” dogs, but they have the circus trick skills of ten full-sized dogs!

Both dogs recently (Sept. ’17) performed at the inaugural Eukanuba Performance Games in Wilmington, OH, and Dash will be performing at the AKC National Championship in Orlando, FL in December.

Dash has performed on three continents and has earned the highest trick dog titles in both national and international organizations. His repertoire includes over 50 incredible tricks, both with and without props. From playing sports (basketball, baseball, soccer and skateboarding), to performing “movie dog” behaviors, to walking a tightrope backwards, audiences of all ages thrill to see the amazing skills of this 10 lb. dynamo. Click here to see a video of Dash’s “Circus Story” routine.

Copper was found as an emaciated stray in rural Kentucky in spring 2017, at about eight months of age. She began performing with Dash just three months after adoption, and earned the highest AKC trick title “Trick Dog Performer just six months post-adoption!

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Dash & Copper: Circus Dogs is based just outside Madison, WI, and performs for businesses and non-profits within the service area below.


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