Performers for Libraries, Schools, Festivals, Summer Camps and Corporate Events

Dash may be a “snack sized” dog, but he has the circus trick skills of ten full-sized dogs! He is now joined by his talented sidekick, Copper, a former stray adopted in spring 2017 who shows off her amazing stunts as Dash’s “opening act.”

Upcoming National Performances

Sept 16-17, 2017: Eukanuba Performance Games; Roberts Centre, Wilmington, OH

Dec 16-17: AKC National Championship; Orange County Convention Center,  Orlando, FL

Dash has performed on three continents and was the first papillon dog in the world to earn the prestigious “Trick Dog Champion” title. His repertoire includes over 50 incredible tricks, both with and without props. From playing sports (basketball, baseball, soccer and skateboarding), to performing “movie dog” behaviors, to walking a tightrope backwards, audiences of all ages thrill to see the amazing skills of this 10 lb. dynamo. Click here to see a video of Dash’s “Circus Story” routine.

Copper began performing with Dash in June 2017 and is doing a super job. She has already earned her Intermediate Trick Dog title and is ready to finish her Advanced title!

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Dash & Copper: Circus Dogs is based just outside Madison, WI, and performs for businesses and non-profits within the service area below. Please visit Library and School Programs for information about programs and costs.


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