Dagger (Australian Cattle Dog)

Australian cattle dog, Dagger (1988-2004) was an amazing trick dog who performed many times on TV. He was on America’s Funniest People, where he dusted and vacuumed a room, turned on a lamp and set a table while dressed as a French maid.

Dagger was one of the first agility dogs in the Midwestern U.S., and won the first (unsanctioned) Michigan state agility championship in 1990. His agility demos helped raise $11,000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. He even took the check on-stage by himself, shook hands with the host and presented him with the check.

While living in a third-floor apartment with Sharon during graduate school, Dagger’s signature trick was to hear Sharon coming up the stairs, unlock three door locks, open the door and meet her with his supper dish in his mouth.

In 1990, Sharon took Dagger to Costa Rica for a solo backpacking trip through Braulio Carillo National Park. Between 1992-1995, Sharon and Dagger spent a total of 14 months in Costa Rica and Brazil for Sharon’s primatology research.

When Dagger was 11, Sharon moved to the UK for 2 years. This was during the quarantine years, so Dagger spent 6 months at a quarantine kennel before getting to enjoy life tramping around the English countryside. The photo below was taken next to the river Thames.

Dagger performed at schools and other venues in all four countries and three continents where he spent time.

2001 Dagger
Dagger and Piper pose by the Thames (UK) for legendary dog book & magazine photographer, Tracy Morgan