Copper (Parson Russell Terrier dog)

Copper the Parson Russell Terrier is the newest addition to the family and joined us on 2/28/17. She’s an adoptee from Underdog Pet Rescue, who transported her here from a rural KY animal shelter. (The story of Copper’s rescue).

Copper is super sweet and social with dogs/cats/people, snuggly, funny, and very intelligent. Read about Copper’s adventures the first week and second week after adoption.

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Copper is well on her way to becoming a great trick dog. By four weeks after adoption, Copper earned her Novice & Intermediate trick dog titles. She is midway to meeting the requirements for her Advanced title.

Only six weeks after her adoption, she passed 8 of 10 tests for the Canine Good Citizen test. She whined a bit on the “supervised separation” and lingered to sniff some cones during one leash walking test, but did an amazing job for a former stray that had never taken any obedience classes or trained for the test.

In May, 2017, Copper began an online trick course with Silvia Trkman (Slovenia, multi-world agility champion)–the same class that Dash took in 2011-2012. Dash started his professional stage career midway through that class, and Copper will be following in his pawsteps, with two shows planned for June.

We’re lucky that she’s a VERY good girl, as she has also been extremely expensive. See Copper’s expense list for the first two months). But worth every penny–she is such a sweetie!