Copper (Terrier mix)

Copper the terrier mix (b. approx. 8/1/16) was found as an emaciated stray in Paintsville, Kentucky in spring 2017, at about seven months of age. She was pulled from a high-kill shelter there and brought to Wisconsin by Underdog Pet Rescue.  [The story of Copper’s rescue; Copper’s adventures the first week and second week after adoption].

Four weeks after adoption, Copper earned her Novice & Intermediate trick dog titles. She began performing with Dash just a few months after adoption, and earned the then-highest AKC trick title “Trick Dog Performer” just six months post-adoption. The same month, she put on a trick show at a national event: the Eukanuba Performance Games in Ohio.

Copper went on to perform at the AKC National Championship dog show in Orlando, Florida at just 16 months of age! When the AKC added the “Elite Trick Dog Performer” title, Copper earned that before her second birthday. As of 2020, Dash and Copper were two of only 150 dogs in the world to have earned this elite title. In late 2020, in her first time competing, Copper won an “Outstanding Performer” award at the AKC National Trick Dog Competition.

Copper has also earned the title of “Trick Dog Champion” from the other titling body for the sport of trick dog, DMWYD. To earn this and the four titles leading up to it requires that a dog master a minimum of 62 tricks!

Now 4 years old, Copper has earned 17 titles in 5 events and her official registered name is: TDCH “RES-CU” TKE, RI, OA, NAJ, FDC, CGC

(Bonus points to anybody who gets the chemistry reference). She competes in barn hunt–a scent competition in which  no animals are harmed–as well as agility and FastCAT.

What breed is Copper? Copper was registered with the AKC PAL’s program in the belief that she was a purebred Parson Russell Terrier, a breed that Sharon owned and showed in the past. Then she doubled in weight! DNA testing revealed she is approximately 50% Jack Russell Terrier, 25% Rat Terrier and 25% Plott Hound. Also, we originally thought she was about 8 1/2 months old when adopted, but photos, dental evidence, and later growth showed she was more likely about 7 months old.

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