Free Dog Trick Videos

Prepared with library families in mind, these six videos are all ad-free, G-rated (on a 100% G-rated YouTube channel), and have comments monitored. Libraries, schools, youth centers, etc. are welcome to post these on their websites or social media pages for as long as they want at no cost. 

It all started with the inaugural American Kennel Club National Trick Dog Competition in late 2019. This was an invitational event for 150 publicly-performing trick dog teams in the USA/Canada, and had to be filmed in a single take with no do-overs. We submitted Dash’s skit, “Circus Story,” which he had performed on-stage for thousands of people at Madison’s Overture Center and for thousands more at Dane and Sauk County libraries. Dash got second place.

Dash’s Circus Story – Dash has always dreamed of joining the circus, but the circus rules say he is too short. How can he convince them he’s worthy? (Closed-captioned)


When the pandemic began in spring 2020, we knew youth librarians needed good content, so we created some free short videos for any library to share with their patrons on their website or via social media. 

Chapter 1: The Library Caper The two dogs hatch a scheme to get a library card. Strong pro-library message. At the end is a brief, child-friendly reference to the pandemic that mentions the temporary closure of libraries and shows the dogs wearing masks. (Closed-captioned)

Chapter 2: Copper Learns Agility– Dash teaches Copper to do agility in this humorous and educational video about the popular competitive dog sport (40,000 competitors in the USA alone). Young readers are motivated to read by the presence of funny thought bubbles for each dog. (Closed-captioned)

Chapter 3: Dash Wins a Prize– Shows how Dash’s beloved library skit, “Circus Story” won second place in the USA/Canada in the inaugural 2019 “American Kennel Club National Trick Dog Competition.” (Closed-captioned)

Copper’s Library Caper – Solo version of our library card story featuring totally different tricks and music than the two-dog version above. Won an “Outstanding Performer” award at the 2020 AKC National Trick Dog Competition.

Dash Gets a Library Card – Different solo version of our library card story featuring mostly different tricks and all different music than either version above. Won both an “Outstanding Performer” award AND “Outstanding Handler” award at the 2020 AKC National Trick Dog Competition.