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Copper’s expense list (so far!)

People who have only bought dogs from breeders may not realize that rescue dogs are often more expensive (though well worth the cost!) than a dog from a top rate sports breeder. Rescue dogs may have more medical costs, need more time in training classes, and also have all the many expenses of any new dog.

Here are the expenses for Copper’s first 7 weeks:

  • $76 – Pre-adoption vet exam
  • $275 – Adoption cost from Underdog, which included spay surgery, shots, heartworm test, parasite treatment & preventatives, and microchip
  • $50 – A little extra donation to Underdog
  • $266 – Vet treatment for Copper’s UTI and treating all three dogs for the giardia she brought with her from Kentucky.
  • $85 – Wisdom Panel 4.0 to find out her breed or mix via DNA
  • $120 – Approx. cost of feeding home-made raw, Steve’s raw and Fromm’s for a month.
  • $300 – Two beginner agility classes at different training centers, two agility room rentals to get her used to the training buildings
  • $600 – A new crate, a winter coat from Finland, an Ultra Puppy Bumper to keep her from slipping under the fence,  tons of enrichment toys, chew toys and food puzzles, harnesses, collars, leashes, Boomerang tags, beds, training gear, etc.
  • $40 – Application fee for her first two trick dog titles.
  • $60 – Three tracking lessons.
  • $241 – Recheck of all three dogs to make sure they are clear of anything Copper brought with her (they all are clear).
  • $6,000+ – (already paid for and in-progress) Professional installation of artificial turf in the indoor/outdoor kennel so Copper doesn’t keep digging and turning it into a mud pit; and so she can’t dig out.
  • $60 – BAER hearing test at the UW Vet School. Copper has a mostly-white ear, and white ears in JRTs are correlated with deafness, as the dog often lacks the pigment genes inside the ear canal that enable hearing. Copper is very responsive to verbal cues and acts like she has full hearing, but it would help in our training to know if she hears out of one ear and not the other.

Total = $8173.

Maybe I should have held out for another (non-digging) Papillon after all!

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