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Dash wows the crowds at Madison’ Overture Center [VIDEO]

Last Saturday, Feb. 18 2017, Dash performed as one of the opening acts for the silent film series at Madison’s $200 million Overture Center. This film series, called “Duck Soup,” has been running for about forty years and features three films a year with live organ accompaniment on their 1928 Barton pipe organ. Sometimes, they open with three vaudeville performances, and we were the first of these acts.

Dash performed his skit “Circus Story,” which is an 8 minute performance involving over 25 unique tricks and about 40 different cues. He did a super job at both performances. I can’t believe he lasted all day, as it’s a physically demanding routine even in the comfort of our practice room at home. On Saturday, he did the entire routine four times (2 rehearsals with lights/sound, 2 performances) over a 10-hour span. Here’s a video of our first performance:

I love having such a reliable dog that keeps his terrific “can do” attitude even in a potentially scary place. Overture Center had a hundred lights glaring at us, a thundering pipe organ playing as we went on stage, and 1100 people applauding in the audience. Dash performed his routine just like he was at home. Good boy!

The MCs, production crew, stage crew and audience at Duck Soup were phenomenal. The organizer of Duck Soup told us afterwards that we three vaudeville performers got the strongest applause of any openers he has ever booked for Duck Soup. Besides Dash, the performers includes Truly Remarkable Loon, a juggler with 30 years of experience; and a 13 year old male dancer who won a nationwide talent search.

Anyway, if you saw us, we hope you had as much fun watching as we did performing!

Thanks to our friends Vesna, Tami & Tom, and Jen & Travis, for snapping photos and video!

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