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Dash ends 2016 as #8 fastest Papillon in his AKC jump height

Just 9 months after Dash’s hip dislocation and 5 months after my knee replacement, we resumed agility in late October, 2016. We had not done a single competition in about a year. We qualified that day in both runs with 3rd places, for Dash’s #12 double-qualifier (QQ) toward his Master Agility Championship (MACH) title.

After our health issues, I thought we’d be off the PowerScore charts for 2016 (a national speed ranking for agility dogs). But Dash ended the year in 8th place. And if you don’t count his stopped contacts in 2016 –due to my knee– and consider only his Jumpers times, he would have been #3!

Extrapolating from the proportion of Paps at local trials and the number of competitors nationally, and also estimating about 5-8 Paps per state jump at this height, there are probably 250-375 Paps in the AKC 12″ jump height nationally. So Dash is in the top couple of percent for speed. Yowza!

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