Just for fun

Copper’s rescue story

I put together a timeline for Copper’s discovery and adoption. To do this, I talked to people at the local rescue, the shelter she was pulled from in KY, and an apt. near where she was found in KY, which gave me contact info that enabled me to speak at length with the kindly home-owner who found her. This is the first time I’ve ever managed to get any info about a dog I fostered or adopted–cool!

2/9/17 – Debbie, a home-owner on a mountain in Paintsville, KY (pop. 3,500) had an elderly Lab and a dog-door to her fenced yard. On this night, the Lab alerted her that something was wrong and led her out into the yard. Under the deck, curled up in a depression, was an emaciated white puppy. The puppy had apparently dodged two busy intersections and a pack of coyotes living nearby and had squeezed in through a gap in the gate. Not knowing if the dog would bite, Debbie wisely put a sheet over her before lifting her out from under the deck. But she quickly realized the puppy was very friendly and cuddly. Since her own dog was a bit of a loner, Debbie put Copper in her detached garage overnight with food and water.

The next day, Debbie was happy to see nothing had been chewed, and there were no “accidents.” She called the nearby apartment complex, hoping to locate the owner, but didn’t have any luck. She briefly considered keeping the puppy, but didn’t think her elderly dog would appreciate having a youngster around. So she reluctantly took Copper to the county shelter (WOW/Johnson County Animal Shelter), which she was familiar with because her now-retired boss used to volunteer there. Debbie was exempted from the usual $50 fee to drop off a found pet, but voluntarily paid it anyway. The shelter said they would post the dog’s photo and try to find the owners. In the meantime, she was given the name “Beth Ann.”

2/16/17 – The shelter is in a rural southern area with typically low adoption rates. Luckily, they partner with rescues to send dogs to areas of the U.S. with better adoption prospects. When “Beth Ann” hadn’t been claimed in a week, she became eligible for transportation north. She received her vaccinations at a private vet used by WOW, who also filled out her “certificate of veterinary inspection.” She was then signed over to Underdog Pet Rescue of WI and transported by car to the Madison area. Upon arrival, she was transferred to foster dad, Brad, who lives with two Chihuahuas and a Golden.

2/22/17 – “Beth Ann” was spayed and started on flea/tick/heartworm preventatives.

2/24/17 – She was listed on Underdog’s Facebook page and on Petfinder. I only glance at Petfinder a couple of times a year, and never find any dog I like closer than about 100 miles (so I live outside their adoption area). Lucky for me, she was in a rescue a few miles away, and I happened to see her ad the first day it went up. I filled out an application, and foster dad, Brad, called to set up a meeting at my house the next day.

2/25/17 – “Beth Ann” visited our house. She was timid of being in a new place, but craved human attention and was super sweet and well-behaved with my two other dogs and cat. I agreed to adopt pending a vet exam.

2/28/17 – “Beth Ann” and Brad met me at Spartan Animal Hospital, where I had a pre-adoption check for ortho issues that would prevent her from competing in agility. She partially failed the exam, with signs of mildly luxating patellas (slipping knees), but by then I had decided she was a keeper anyway. She was signed over to me on the spot, and left as “Copper”!

(As an afterword, the mild luxation has had no impact on her ability to run super fast, jump very high, and dabble by taking agility classes).

I think this is a super fast timeline. She only spent one week at the shelter and one week in foster before going to her permanent home.

Kudos to Debbie, WOW and Underdog for helping her find her way to a loving home–ours!

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