Performing and videos

Get tickets now to see Dash perform at the Overture Center!

Tickets four our Feb. 2017 performance are now on sale at Overture. This event usually sells out, so don’t put off getting your tickets!

Every year, Madison’s $205 million Overture Center puts on three “Duck Soup Cinema” silent film events at their renovated 1928 Capitol Theater. The Capitol Theater is packed each time with a full house of 1100 enthusiastic silent film fans.

Dash and I are preparing an AMAZING 8 min. opening act–you’ve never seen a dog act like this! Afterward, you’ll be treated to the hilarious full-length silent film “Safety Last,” featuring Harold Lloyd. Best of all, it comes with live organ accompaniment and special effects by a world-famous theater organist from NYC.

Individual tickets are now available for $7 ($3 for kids) at: Scroll down to the Feb. 18, 2017 Duck Soup Cinema and pick out your seats for the afternoon or evening shows. We’ll be performing at both.

Duck Soup is the biggest bargain at Overture Center–a full evening of live entertainment and a full-length movie with organist for 10% of what other U.S. theaters charge (thanks to their corporate sponsor). Don’t put off getting your tickets!



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