Stream our 48-minute pet trick video, “ABC Circus,” or screen it as an in-person event

Your library families will rave about this video!

Representing over four months of work, our streamable new 48-minute video, “ABC CIRCUS” (trailer below) features 14 funny, action-packed segments and 80 tricks by Dash & Copper, as well as Casper, a rescued cat who performed on the “Got Talent” TV show. (To learn about our credentials, see this recent PBS Wisconsin mini-documentary about us.)

How does streaming work? It couldn’t be easier! Basically, you let me know by email when you want your rental to start and I’ll email back with a private link to the video that you can share on social media, your website, or use for an in-person viewing “on the big screen” at your facility. For full instructions, scroll down past the video trailer.

Libraries across the USA streamed our video for the 2021 Summer Reading Program and many told us it was their most successful social media event ever, with up to 160 families watching the video at each library.

To reserve and stream “ABC Circus,” you do the steps in yellow, totalling <5 minutes. I do steps in blue.

1) You email me with your library’s or school’s name and address, and your name, position, and contact info. Include the desired start date and rental period. Rental fee to stream on social media is $49 for 2 weeks; $69 for 3 weeks; $89 for 4 weeks. If you want to screen it as a one-time live event at your library, the cost is just $20.

2) I will email a confirmation, including photos and promotional text you can use to advertise the event on your social media pages or website. I’ll also attach an invoice with a due date after your video stream or live event has finished.

3) A couple of days before your rental starts, I will send you a ready-to-copy-and-paste post for your Facebook page or website. The post will include a link to a private page I’ve set up just for your library/school that has the 48-minute video “ABC Circus.”

4) On your rental start date, you copy the text I sent you in step 3 and paste it on your Facebook wall and/or website. Or click the link yourself to play it on a big screen for an in-person audience. Done!

Sharon Page