If you want to:

      – draw big crowds to your event…

      – accelerate kids’ enthusiasm for reading and learning…

      – provide attendees with a memorable experience they’ll be talking about for days, or even years, to come…

Dash and Copper the Circus Dogs can help!

Sharon Yildiz & her dogs have experience educating and amazing groups ranging from toddlers to university professors, and audience sizes ranging from 10 to 1,500. Whether your event is a library or summer reading program, school or corporate event, festival or business opening, your audience will be amazed to see these two amazing dogs perform from their repertoire of over sixty tricks.

Our offerings range from 8 minute choreographed circus routines to hour-long summer reading programs combining dog tricks with educational segments on a wide variety of topics. Each show incorporates music, humor, props, and audience participation.


We especially love doing library shows and inspiring a lifelong love of reading. Sharon is a devoted library patron who reads approximately 150 books each year. She enjoys sharing how reading has led to amazing opportunities and memorable experiences around the globe.

Let us know what you need and we can customize a program for your event. Prices start at $200 for a 50 minute weekend library performance in the Madison area, and vary according to the number of performances required, audience size, travel distance, event type (large summer reading program vs. school-year library performance), and whether the event is on a weekday or on a weekend/holiday.

To learn more, or to schedule a presentation at your event, please call 608-286-0117 or send e-mail to: sharonyildiz (at) gmail (dot) com.