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Copper’s first week post-adoption

Copper has had a very exciting first week. We spent about 80% of our training time teaching her how to use food-dispensing toys and getting her to relax in her crate enough to enjoy them and stop the extended shrieking. She is doing great, and today was her first day without a single bark during two different 2.5-hour sessions in the crate.

Our next priority was teaching house-training and general “good manners,” such as sitting for food and petting, sitting before going out doors, walking nicely on leash, etc. This means that Copper only had about 2-3 actual “training” sessions, where I worked on luring sit/down, shake/other (both paws) and roll over/twist (both directions. In other words, about 15 total minutes of training.

Here is her Week 1 progress video, which I think is pretty good for a dog found emaciated and under a deck in rural Kentucky just a few weeks before.

In addition to that video, we rented a puppy agility room at Canine Sports Zone in Middleton, WI. Here is Copper trying out agility literally 24 hours after I adopted her:

Another highlight of the week was meeting about 20 new people at our friends’ lunch party. Thanks to Vesna & Donald for letting Copper come steal hugs from everybody. 🙂

We totally love this sweet, friendly, playful and smart little girl, and think she’ll make a stellar circus dog someday!

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