Performing and videos

Our new business cards

Today we had a fun lunchtime visit from a McFarland Thistle newspaper about Dash’s career as a library performer. She’s also going to come take some pictures of his  performance at the E.D. Locke Public Library next week.

Just before she came, our new batch of business cards arrived.

Created by Readiris, Copyright IRIS 2010

And after work today, we braved the sleet to keep our annual Groupon apt. with JCPenney photo studio. Here are a few of the photos of me, Dash (almost 6) and Savvy (almost 15).

As usual, I’m super happy that Savvy is still around and relatively healthy for these annual photos. He’s lived longer than any Border Collie I’ve known in person. He’s under treatment for Cushing’s (an adrenal imbalance) so has lost a lot of hair, is mostly deaf and his eyesight isn’t great either. But he still knows how to look ahead in the general direction of a camera in anticipation of treats, thanks to his many years as a Hallmark model. 🙂 He’s still very active, can go on a 1-2 mile walk at a good clip and can even dance briefly on his hind legs. Hopefully, he’ll be around for the next few annual photo shoots too.

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