Trick props

Dash’s new “cheer matting” and prop cabinet

Dash’s roll of cheer(leading) matting arrived today from Texas and is already set up in the basement. We got a single 6′ x 42′ roll at the very spendy price of $706.  I can cut it up and piece it together with some super wide velcro strips (included) to fit different stage areas. It’s so nice to know Dash has a good grip, cushioning, and won’t slip and get an ortho injury. This will be a real treat, after 20 years of having to arrange stage choreography around taped-down throw rugs.

Here it is with some of the props we’ll be using for our upcoming performances at the Miramar Theater (Milwaukee) and Overture Center (Madison). I do not have a clue how I’m going to fit 25 or so props in my car, including the rug (rolled, it is 6′ long and 2′ thick) and the tightrope, and Dash’s Variocage crate. I think I may need to borrow Mary Poppin’s carpet bag.

In other news, I special-ordered an extra-large “garage storage unit” from Menards a couple of weeks ago to put some of our smaller trick props in. I put it in my home office, which is where we practice our tricks in the pre-choreography phase.


It’s a bit distressing to know that this huge cabinet only holds about half of Dash’s trick props–the rest are in the closet of this same room. We also have a 12′ x 12′ shed of agility equipment, and a basement with obedience jumps, ring gates, tracking equipment and much more. That’s a lot for one 9 lb. dog! Anyway, all I have to do is close these cabinet doors and my office looks tidy as can be. Well, except for the cat tree and dog beds and the DogPacer treadmill. And the fact that I have a giant garage storage unit in my home office. And the weird strings hanging outside the window to prevent birdstrikes from all the feeders just outside this room. But other than that, it looks so corporate!


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