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Oh no, not another haircut already!

I’ve been shaving Dash every 4 weeks for about a year now. He normally has a gorgeous long coat.


My reasons for shaving him are that it is more hygienic, prevents him accumulating burrs/dirt/leaves/mulch in his coat while outdoors, but mostly because his ear hair used to tangle in everything. It tangled around collars, leashes and toys. He even stepped on it while running in agility.

I think Dash likes having short hair, but he doesn’t like being shaved. He is a super good boy and stands quietly on the grooming table. But he still makes some effort to hide when he sees me preparing the clippers. Here is Dash hiding in Casper’s cat tunnel, thinking that I can’t see him in there…


3 thoughts on “Oh no, not another haircut already!

  1. Surprisingly for a shaved dog from a breed with no undercoat, Dash doesn’t seem very cold sensitive, unless he’s wet. He happily plays frisbee in the snow at around 30F without a coat. When it gets to even lower temps, I make him wear his fleece/Goretex jacket, but I think he considers it overkill. 🙂

  2. Yep, he has a really nice winter coat from the Finnish company “Hurrta.” He wears that outside any time it’s below about 35 degrees.

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