Just for fun

Camping at Devil’s Lake State Park

Even circus dogs have to relax, so Dash and I just spent 4 days at Devil’s Lake State Park in Baraboo, WI. Though they have 600 camping spots, there was still plenty of privacy and nature.


Lots of people came up to meet us and ask what breed Dash was, and complimented his great manners. He even got invited out on a 28′ home-built Voyageur canoe by two reenactors staying in a teepee on the lake.


We spent one full day of the trip in Baraboo attending some steampunk events, including lunch and a tour of the Al Ringling (Bros.) mansion and Dr. Evermore’s sculpture park.


Between hiking, Friday fish fries, nature, canoe trips, lunches, mansion tours, etc., Dash made a new discovery. Lakes are AMAZING and you can SWIM in them! We found a dog swim area on the far side of Devil’s Lake that was always empty. Dash went swimming twice a day during our trip, and would happily fetch his frisbee at any distance from shore. As a bonus, the lake is super clean–he was clean and dry by the time we reached the parking lot.



Dash even learned to “dock dive” off a dock about 2′ above the water. What a change from the dog who wouldn’t get his ankles wet for 5 1/2 years! Thanks to our friend Tracy and to Nancy at Dunkin Dawgs for getting Dash in the water so he could enjoy our camping trip.


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