Just for fun

Dash finally learns to swim

Well, it’s not really correct to say that a dog needs to “learn” to swim. Unless they’re too heavy or brachycephalic, all dogs can swim once you put them in the water.

Dash had been taken to lakes and the sea several times in his life, and never went in past his ankles. Ucky! So at the age of 5 1/2, I figured it was time he learned to swim. Our friend Tracy and her Papillon, Jordy, swim regularly at a dog swimming facility about 45 min. from us. They volunteered to share a swimming session with us so Dash could see his Pap buddy swimming calmly in the water.

In the first session, Dash only tried to get out of the pool. He hated swimming! He would pick up toys only in an attempt to use them as a life preserver. And he already had a life vest on. You can see his expression: “Get me outta here!”

The second time, we went alone and he gradually got more interested in swimming. We’re going camping next week. Tune into our blog to see if he decides to risk it all and jump into the lake…

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