Performing and videos

Fun at the Larson House Museum’s Steampunk Strawberry Social

We had a great time performing on Sunday for an enthusiastic crowd at McFarland’s Larson House Museum. This was a benefit for the Larson House and the McFarland Historical Society. Dash did two separate program of tricks for the over 200 guests, and 14 year old “big brother” Savvy opened Dash’s first performance with a trick medley.

Thanks to two professional photographers in attendance, dog competitor Tami Dettinger and Tree-Hollow Cottage Photography, who both surprised us with some great photos of Dash & Savvy in action.

Thanks also to all my steampunk friends who came beautifully attired in Victorian outfits and helped celebrate this beautiful summer day with shortcake and ice cream. The event was a big success. We look forward to performing again next summer and hope to see you there!

Photo credits: Tami Dettinger & Ricki Benton (both of Madison, WI), Tree-Hollow Cottage Photography (McFarland, WI) and Sharon Page

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