Just for fun

Dash’s new “miniPACER” Treadmill

Since Dash is still recuperating from his dislocated hip, he can’t jump for about 6 months. So agility and frisbee catching are both out. Also, I’m getting a knee replacement in 10 days, and won’t be able to give him much exercise until this fall. So I decided to order a miniPacer treadmill from the “dogPACER” brand.

It just arrived two days ago and required some easy setup. I love it. It’s super tiny and cute, and hardly takes up any space in my office. It’s supposedly for dogs < 35 pounds, but 35 lb. Savvy can barely fit on it. But it’s ideal for Dash, who is 9 pounds. It has different inclines, and you can put it at any speed from 0.5-7.0 mph. It also has some great programs that vary the speed over a 30 min. program for a big cardio workout.

Dash took right to it and seems to enjoy it. We’ve only done 10-15 minutes at a time so far, and it seems much harder for him than merely going for a walk. For instance, walking with me outside at 3 mph seems very leisurely. But 3 mph on the treadmill requires all his effort and concentration to master and gets him panting fast. We’ve worked up to 5 mph for maybe a minute at a time, and he’s trotting so fast, his legs are just a blur.


Casper the cat is also learning to use it at 0.5 mph, but he only stays on long enough to get the first treat, then leaves, then gets back on for another treat. I can’t get a photo of him yet because I have to hold his leash and a spoon of cat food to keep him on it!


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