Performing and videos

Our America’s Got Talent audition reel [VIDEO]

As you might recall, America’s Got Talent scouted us just 2 weeks after Dash dislocated his hip playing frisbee with my mom. So we initially said “not this year.”

Dash had permission from his vet to resume normal activities as of Feb. 3. On Feb. 6th, I decided to call the talent director at America’s Got Talent to see if it was too late to apply. She said we could still send a video audition, but we’d have to make and send the audition tape by early the following week. So with just 10 days to go, I finished painting props, taught Dash some new tricks with those props, and came up with a routine and music.

The first version that we practiced had a complete “story line,” but it was 150 sec. and there is a 90 sec. limit for auditions. So this is a very pared-down version of the longer routine that starts with a “mini story” and then turns into random tricks. Hope you enjoy it!

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