Trick props

Our new circus trick props

While Dash (pictured today with Savvy) is officially recuperating , I’ve P1160538been making a bunch of props for performing on stage or TV.

After our two recent circus performances, I realized that my “toddler toy” props were too big to haul around, and too tippy to use on-stage. My new criteria are that everything has to be super strong but lightweight–preferably aluminum or thin-wall PVC. And it has to come apart to fit in a standard suitcase.

I started by taking apart our large Fisher Price thrift store toys and making them fit on an adjustable non-tip stand (from an electronic drum set) that I got at Goodwill.

After endless hours at the workbench, a dozen trips to Menards, painting, repainting, cutting rubber, cementing and screwing everything together… the first set of props are finished. A few of these were existing props, but most things in the photo were modified or are entirely new within the past 2 weeks. I added thick, grippy rubber on the bottom of EVERY prop possible, and sometimes rubber on the top, too. No more tipping or sliding props for us!

Click on the photos for descriptions of what they do and how they were made. Feel free to contact me with questions. Check back in a week or two to see our second and final set of props.

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