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Dash’s first day on the high wire [VIDEO]

Dash is still on “limited exercise” until Feb. 3rd, so I’ve been busy building and painting props instead. Capture

For Dash’s tightrope safety harness, I hoped to buy a RuffWear Doubleback harness, made for SAR dogs to rappel down cliffs. But it only comes in big-dog sizes.

So I sewed my own. I used nylon straps, plastic buckles and metal D-rings for the main part. The padding is canvas sandwiched between layers of fleece.  It took three whole evenings to sew, as some areas had 4 layers of straps to sew through. I am confident that the seams would hold at least 150 lb. without tearing, so it’s plenty strong for a 9 lb. dog!

I couldn’t resist trying it out, since Dash can’t possibly fall and reinjure himself while wearing it. So here he is at the end of his first (< 2 minute total) practice session.

(As for me…I had just woken up and put on some baggy painting clothes to go paint trick props in the basement.)

I’m happy to see him moving forward on his own at this early stage. I thought I might have to start with boards (instead of ropes) near the ground, but I don’t think that will be necessary. He was super excited to get the harness on and earn some cheese after three weeks of almost total inactivity.

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