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Dash’s final hip checkup

Dash had a hip check-up this morning with ortho surgeon, Dr. Edinger, owner of Edinger Surgical Options in Madison, WI. Dash’s hip is looking good and still in place. His hobbles have now been removed. But without the hobbles, we have to be extra careful for the next two weeks that he not fall jumping off a sofa, or go into the splits slipping on ice or on the hardwood floors. I ordered traction boots from Neo-Paws, in Canada, that will hopefully arrive today.

As of February 3rd, Dash will be able to slowly ease back into running, practicing agility, etc. Presuming I’ve finished his full-body safety harness by then, he also has the go-ahead to start tightrope training.

I’d like to thank all of the Madison, WI vets (and their staff) that cared for Dash:


Dr. Jamie Donahue, Veterinary Emergency Services, who diagnosed Dash’s dislocation and did a closed reduction (i.e. put his femur back into place).





Dr. Javier Gallegos of Edinger Surgical Options, who re-x-rayed Dash, and recommended a non-surgical treatment option that could lead to a full recovery.


Dr. David Edinger, who did a follow-up exam today and answered all of my  many questions about rehabilitation. I think I asked about every trick and agility move individually: “How about handstands?” “Can he spin with 4 feet in a small bowl?” “Is it okay to wrap jump uprights in agility?”

Thanks also to all our friends who have been following Dash’s career!

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