Trick props

Unveiling of our new prop: a tightrope!


Well, here is our new circus prop that was finished exactly one hour before I got the call from mom saying that Dash had dislocated his hip. A double-tightrope!

P1160320I’ve been planning this for months, working on designs, and collaborating with a metal fabricator just down the road from my house. The hardest part was designing it to meet airline regulations and fit in a single suitcase… for when we appear with it on America’s Got Talent, Ellen and the Tonight Show someday… 🙂  Once the aluminum frame was finished, I still had to take a vacation day last week to get it anodized in Milwaukee.

Since then, I’ve added a bunch of safety features, including a padded rail, non-slip rubber platforms and an overhead safety harness. While Dash is recovering, I’m also sewing a more substantial harness for him to use, similar to the Ruffwear Doubleback harness (made for rapelling with dogs; not sized for toy breeds). The total cost for everything will be over $600.

My plan is to teach Dash a bunch of different tricks to do while balanced on the ropes. The ropes have a lot of sway, and it’s going to be a challenge to teach even forward walking, much less tricks, reverse walking, etc… Now I just have to wait until our ortho vet says he’s ready to resume “normal” activities. However, “normal” for Dash the circus dog is probably not the “normal” our vet is used to!


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