Dog sports

Dash finished his Utility title…with first places!

Besides performing in a circus for 1,500 people this weekend, Dash also competed in formal obedience both Saturday and Sunday with Badger Kennel Club. He had one qualifier of the three needed to title in the most advanced level (UD). At this level, there is very small chance of qualifying at any given show, and many dogs take a year or two to finish their title.

But Dash beat 1:52 odds to qualify BOTH days… and got 1st places both times!


I don’t know how this boy gets the stamina to compete very difficult obedience exercises–scent discrimination, directed retrieving, directed jumping, hand signal exercise, etc.–just hours after performing in a traditional circus with all the noise and commotion.

Good boy, Dash! Now let’s go home and take a nap…

What was that? You think it’s high time for another frisbee session in the yard? … !!!