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Performing for 1500 people at Teslacon [VIDEO]

Last night, Dash performed for his largest audience yet, a standing-room-only crowd of 1,500 at the award-winning Teslacon steampunk convention.

The convention organizer had  asked us to be the opening act for two national touring circuses: Dead Man’s Carnival (Milwaukee) and Cycropia Aerial Dance (Madison). That was as much commitment as I had wanted, as Dash was also competing both Sat/Sun mornings in advanced obedience, and I also hoped to enjoy the steampunk convention itself.

But the announcer for DMC saw us rehearsing before the show, and moved us to the second act in the main circus performance.

Performing just in front of an excellent, but very loud, traditional circus band was a new experience for both me and Dash. The band leader actually watches the performers and changes music, tempo and sound effects accordingly. Since we didn’t have time to describe our trick order, the announcer and band leader jumped the gun a couple of times, thinking we had reached the last trick. We just kept on going!

Here are some photos taken before, during and after the performance: